We Buy Inherited Property In Any Condition, Price Or Location


Inherited Property
We Buy Inherited Property

Selling your inherited property has never been easier.

We buy inherited property throughout the California. We can pay all cash and close quickly on the date of your choice. On our team we have a staff of legal experts that handle inherited houses all the time. We understand the process and can help you sell your property quickly and painlessly.

Get cash today for your inherited house!

We know and understand that dealing with an inherited house can often be the last thing you want to do! Receiving a property from a loved one can be both a blessing and a curse. You might find yourself dealing with more problems than you’re ready to handle and would rather have the cash. We’re here to help facilitate that.

Often times the house might still have a mortgage, payments are in arrears (behind on payments), behind on taxes or there are liens on the home. Sometimes the inherited house is quickly headed towards foreclosure or has an auction date set. If you contact us quickly we can help get all the payments current and remove those liens so you can sell your home, quickly and painlessly for cash. Or we can setup a creative financing solution so you don’t lose the house.

Maybe the inherited property has tenants and you might not want to be a landlord or you don’t want to pay a property management company to manage the inherited house. Selling the property often makes the most sense. If the property best suited to be listed on MLS we can also refer you to one of many professionals in your area that can help list the inherited home.

Many times there are complications with title, heirs or bill collectors wanting money out of the property. It’s not uncommon for multiple heirs, siblings, cousins, aunt’s or uncles to inherit a house and it’s not always straight forward who pays what bills and really not all persons can benefit from the inherited property until it’s sold. Our team can handle all those situations and we’re here to help you understand and get through the process quickly and seamlessly.

You don’t have to worry about evicting tenants, repairing anything or worrying about anything. You pay no out of pocket fees or commissions like you would if you listed it with a realtor. We’ll help you navigate the sell of your probate or inherited home the best we can. It’s what we love doing!

The price we offer you is net to you!

We can setup a win-win transaction for all parties involved and offer you an all cash offer for your inherited home or estate.

If you submit your inherited property address through our website we will call you within 24 hours to setup an appointment to see the house and provide an all cash offer to you! 

Or call us at 559-282-3200