We buy rental properties for cash!

If you need to sell your rental property quickly and painlessly, contact us for an all cash offer.

Rental HouseMaintaining good relationships with your tenants can be hard. If they’re behind on rent what do you do? Not everyone wants to play the bad guy (or girl) month after month. Maybe you’ve found land-lording just isn’t what you want to be doing anymore. Or maybe it’s time you want to retire and it’s time to sell your rental properties.

Maybe you’re tired of doing evictions and your property only seems to attract low quality tenants or is located in a bad part of town? We have experience with these situations and often times we’ll buy it.

If bad tenants are the reason for selling we always try to offer cash for keys as a first line to help the tenant relocate and to help avoid any further tension or damage to the property.

Maybe vacancy rates are killing your bottom line? We can go in, rehab the property and often get better renters in the property if there is lots of deferred maintenance.

Or maybe you want to sell the rental and avoid taxes by using a 1031 to roll the money from the sell into a new property. These are all things we can speak to you about.

If you submit your rental property address through our website we will call you within 24 hours to setup an appointment to see the rental house and provide an all cash offer to you! 

Or call us at 559-282-3200 … to sell your rental property fast for cash today!